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Preparation for Marriage


As with other Sacraments, preparation for marriage is undertaken in accordance with Diocesan Policy and as part of the Journey in Faith process. Engaged couples are required to give at least six months notice to clergy, of their intention to marry. Every assistance is given to couples to prepare well for this most important event in their lives.

Various meetings are arranged with Priest or Deacon to arrange the administrative, liturgical and spiritual preparation.

Couples are required to attend a Diocesan Preparation Course (usually a Friday evening and all day Saturday. The course is facilitated by professionals with particular expertise in the preparation for marriage.

Details of all requirements, pastoral and legal are explained early on in the preparation process in order that couples can focus well on the important steps they are soon to take in their lives.

Getting Married?

If you are resident in this Parish but wish to be married somewhere else (even outside Britain) you still need to have all 'paper work' and a Diocesan Preparation Course organised from the Parish. This is a matter related to Canon Law (not a priest!) but the Law governing the Church of which you are a part. Please respond to the six-month notice requirement, as anything less than this in ordinary circumstances is not acceptable. (The specific requirements are reasonable and are explained thoroughly at the first meeting with Clergy).