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Preparation for Baptism


If you wish to have your child baptised, you will be invited to attend a course consisting of three evening sessions usually held over consecutive weeks.

It is in place to welcome you especially if you are new to the community and to support you in your Journey in Faith as you present your child for Baptism within our Parish community.

The course is presented in accordance with present Diocesan policy and leads up to the celebration of your child's Baptism within a Sunday Mass or at another time according to your individual needs or wishes.

The course will provide an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on your own faith experiences.
  • Discuss how this will affect your experiences as a parent.
  • Meet other parents and share ideas, worries, and concerns.
  • Find support and encouragement for those in a similar situation.
  • Explore the sacrament of Baptism and the meaning behind the rituals and ceremony.
  • Link the Sacrament to real life.

You may embark on this course before or after your child has been born.

You are asked to take this course into consideration when planning your child's Baptism.

For your information when planning the Baptism of your child

If you are new to the Parish, please introduce yourself before you make any arrangements about the Preparation Course.

Please do not complete any forms before making an appointment to see Fr. Habte.

By agreement within the Lewisham Deanery, if you wish to have your child baptised at Forest Hill and you live outside the Parish boundaries, you will need to have the consent of the Priest in whose Parish you reside.

Baptisms NOT including Mass

  • Saturday, 12:15pm

Baptisms during Mass

  • 2nd and 4th Sunday of most months by arrangement, 09:30am and 11:30am Mass

Note:- Baptisms are not celebrated during Mass in Advent and Lent