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Preparation for Reconciliation & Eucharist


Our parish preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist will usually get under way in September.

This is an outline for Parents and Guardians of the process in order to help you accompany your child as he/she takes important steps on his/her Journey in Faith. The 'Ways' of preparing children for the Sacraments are very much changed from years ago. We shall follow the guidelines laid out by our Archbishop and work in line with current Diocesan policy.


In our Parish we are trying to build a living faith Community. To do this well we need to recognise the unique value of each person who is part of the family of our Parish. In the context of preparation of children for Sacraments we need to consider a partnership through the Home, the Parish and our School.

Partnership means that we work together for the common good.


The Home is the most important setting in which to nurture our faith. It is within the home that children should first experience something of God and his love. Parents are the primary educators of their children with respect to their Faith. When your child was baptised, you made a promise to nurture the faith in your child's life: you would be the first teachers and the hope was expressed that you would be 'the best of teachers in the ways of faith.' So, the role of Parents or Guardians is key to the wellbeing of your child in their Faith Journey.

You will also be given every assistance to help you with what is proposed.

Catechists and Group Leaders will always be willing to give support when required.
If you wish to purchase additional material to help with your part of the preparation,this too, can be arranged for you.


Your child is also part of the family of the Parish. So it is fitting that the major part of the preparation takes place there.

The Parish Community will be aware of 'what is going on' and will support through a general awareness and prayer. More specifically the Parish will provide a Team to look after the preparation in the coming months.

Information Evening

We shall begin with an information evening.

This will be an opportunity for the Team to explain what exactly is involved in the process as well as making it clear what is expected of Parents and Guardians as partners with Parish and School. Only at this meeting will application forms be available for those who wish to proceed.