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Journey in Faith

The 'Journey in Faith' programme is the name that our parish has given to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.).


Aims and Objectives

The Journey in Faith allows adults who are not fully initiated into the Catholic Church to explore their faith journey with members of our community and decide whether that journey will lead them to full initiation into the Church.

Current Activities

The journey comprises of 4 stages:

  • "Getting to know you" (pre-catechumenate)
  • "Formation" (catechumenate)
  • "Reflection and prayer" (purification and enlightenment)
  • "New beginnings" (mystagogia)

The enquirer is initiated into the church after the 3rd stage (usually at the Easter Vigil) and then continues into the fourth stage which extends up until Pentecost. This fourth stage provides the newly initiated Catholic with an opportunity for further exploration and deepening of his or her faith.

The sessions arranged for the enquirers are led by catechists who are parish members, though some catechists with specialist knowledge are invited from outside the parish. Parishioners are also encouraged to attend the sessions so that they can offer welcome and support for the enquirers as well as furthering their own faith exploration.

For further information, download this overview of the RCIA. The website CatholicFaith may also be useful. Please contact the parish office if you would like to join our Journey in Faith programme.