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Parish Groups

There are many groups, programmes and individual volunteers in the Parish. Although they carry out many different activities, all of them are ultimately directed to further the mission of the Parish. Each group is listed under the area of Parish life with which it is most closely associated. Until all contact details are up to date, please enquire about groups via the parish office.

Parish Rotas

Parish Rotas

Keep and Share is being used to store some of the parish group rotas online in an easily accessible format. Groups are asked to discuss using the site. The Toddlers Liturgy group has been using it successfully.

GROUPS: To provide updated contact details, please email the parish office

Catholic Women's League


The Catholic Women's League, Forest Hill Section, has opened here at our Church! If you know anything about the CWL it is a source of friendship, support and charity for the parish and wider community. Please consider joining if you are a woman! Contact: Chair for more info...web: